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Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm not ur average gurl. Scottish/Romainian. I ride/train horses. I love animals and support their rights. I'm huge into the arts, basically how I express myself w.o words. My major is in music buisness and I plan to succeed in traveling the world musically. I applaud anyone with a creative mind. Cherry tic tacs are my addiction♥




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What to do. [
Tuesday 08:23pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I have just lost two of my jobs in the past month and now I've been feeling like crap more and more theses days...I don't know exactly whats wrong..but tonight I've been sitting and thinking to myself since I have nothing to do and now I'm ranting on Livejournal. Woo. I feel as if I had gotten those two jobs before to keep myself occupied so I had something to do. Now since I don't have anything I HAVE to do....I sit around and do nothing. Well, ocasional hmwrk and shit but nothing I'd like to do..as in chill w.ppl and or go out and do something. It seems now that I'm not busy...everyone else I know isactually busy for once...and/or just doesn't wanna talk to me anymore.
Damn. I sound depressing right? hahah.
I needa find something to do....
-Goes out on a search-
Til nxt time,

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I love you Rain. and To be, or not to be?? [
Thursday 12:32am]
So its been along time since....well i've posted an livejournal entry. Tonight I kinda feel like i need to. Alot has kinda happend in the past couple wks....some good and some err...not so good:/ Rain, the most amazing dog u could ever ask for, just recently passed away. This has hit me hard, I personally think of animals and care for them as much as for any human being...its weird I feel like hes my lil gardien angel b.c things have been happening where i have slim chances of getting out...and i have. For ex. i just got out of a speeding ticket. I love you Rain. You will always be in my heart. Im not a big believer in heaven and hell...in a way i do believe but how do u know for sure? All I know theres gotta be somewhere you go and I know where ever u are Rain your happy and wish the best for you:)

But earlier tonight the thing that upset me....was something  that im starting to think i kinda made a big deal outta:/ This all kinda started with my bf Jon messaging me saying I've been coming up w.ideas to make Holly feel better. (hollys both of our friends) Hes like: "u know the card i made u w.crayons on ur bday? well Shes been in a bad mood n her backs hurting more so i was thinking of making a feel better card. that we should make together"....ok so Holly did get in car accident n i feel really really bad for her...i was planning on seeing her n such...but i haven't had the greatest couple wks either...w.rain passing away and my dad getting in a car accident n such..Jon hasn't tryed to do anything to cheer ME up....maybe I am just being jealous?? Idk. But im his suppoised gf....ys he treating holly better than me? come on. WTF.
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Waffle house blues.. [
Monday 01:34am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well, I just got back from an evening at the good ol' waffle house....thought I'd come here and write about it i guess. Basically I was chilling w.a couple ppl that i knew from school. They were just sitting there w/their guitars jamin together.....made me start thinking b.c they talked about how they loved music and wanted to major in it. I looked at myself cause of the fact that I'd like to major in music as well....n they kinda just made me feel like an amatur...like I didn't really know much about the music scene...seemed like they knew everything there was..and thats what interests me. I would really like to pursue in music producing but these guys make me feel really stupid b.c their really fucking good...and I would also like to have the confidence to ask them questions bout stuff but I don't wanna look like an idiot:/ gahh oh well....

On a different note....I'm confused about my whole relationship sittuations.....I'm dating this guy who doesn't seem to care at all....or act like a bf i feel I'm always the one coming to him and trying to make the conversation...which doesn't always seem to carry on b.c either he just doesn't reply to something i say or i just get pissed after that basically and don't wanna talk. Then my ex wanted to get back in the picture..........which he's doin a horrible job of supposedly trying to get me back. Idk I give up on relationships right now..im done.

Night ppls.

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Monday 01:51am]
[ mood | bubbly ]

Tonight, was actually a pretty good night for once.....and it was alittle odd how it became good. Cause like I worked all day being the slave I am to the Just Fresh Cafe. hahaXD but I went out after work and drove this bum chad over to my friend dianes lol....we all chilled smoked alil and since i was tired I kinda left early to go home and passout...well I didn't really pass out seeing as I'm writing this entry at ...uh well 1:40am :D
Basically while I was at dianes this dude Stacy started txtn me....it's a real long story btwn what happen w.us but to make it shortish. We both had alil thing awhile back and were gonna start dating...well kinda did for a wk but I just didn't feel the connection btwn us as a relationship and was hoping to find a really good friendship instead...maybe even a best friend.....well he was hurt like every guy always is when u tell them that you don't wanna be anything other than friends....we stopped talking for a bit b.c he saw I had a bf.....then i randomly saw him on my side of town one day..chilln w.his ex...and I do still care for the dude so I ended up txtn him saying I don't wanna hatetred btwn us i still see u as a really really good guy/friend...n becareful w.ur ex don't let her use u..b.c thats what she's been doin...so we've been txtn and calling each other kinda alot recently and im happy because we seem to be having the friendship i was hoping for...and we just got off the phone and we were talking for a couple hours...talkin bout my guy probs n he's found this gurl that makes him really happy now and I'm all for it he deserves the best for everything he's been through.  Idk i just really enjoyed talking to him tonight.....it's weird. hahah but good.

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Sunday 01:34am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Gahh well...this is my 1st entry I should make it good right? eh...im to tired hahaa. Basically I'm pissed....n imma go make myself a pb&j sandwich n go to bed XD night.....

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