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Waffle house blues..

Well, I just got back from an evening at the good ol' waffle house....thought I'd come here and write about it i guess. Basically I was chilling w.a couple ppl that i knew from school. They were just sitting there w/their guitars jamin together.....made me start thinking b.c they talked about how they loved music and wanted to major in it. I looked at myself cause of the fact that I'd like to major in music as well....n they kinda just made me feel like an I didn't really know much about the music scene...seemed like they knew everything there was..and thats what interests me. I would really like to pursue in music producing but these guys make me feel really stupid b.c their really fucking good...and I would also like to have the confidence to ask them questions bout stuff but I don't wanna look like an idiot:/ gahh oh well....

On a different note....I'm confused about my whole relationship sittuations.....I'm dating this guy who doesn't seem to care at all....or act like a bf i feel I'm always the one coming to him and trying to make the conversation...which doesn't always seem to carry on b.c either he just doesn't reply to something i say or i just get pissed after that basically and don't wanna talk. Then my ex wanted to get back in the picture..........which he's doin a horrible job of supposedly trying to get me back. Idk I give up on relationships right done.

Night ppls.
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