angel_of_havoc (angel_of_havoc) wrote,

I love you Rain. and To be, or not to be??

So its been along time since....well i've posted an livejournal entry. Tonight I kinda feel like i need to. Alot has kinda happend in the past couple wks....some good and some err...not so good:/ Rain, the most amazing dog u could ever ask for, just recently passed away. This has hit me hard, I personally think of animals and care for them as much as for any human being...its weird I feel like hes my lil gardien angel b.c things have been happening where i have slim chances of getting out...and i have. For ex. i just got out of a speeding ticket. I love you Rain. You will always be in my heart. Im not a big believer in heaven and a way i do believe but how do u know for sure? All I know theres gotta be somewhere you go and I know where ever u are Rain your happy and wish the best for you:)

But earlier tonight the thing that upset me....was something  that im starting to think i kinda made a big deal outta:/ This all kinda started with my bf Jon messaging me saying I've been coming up w.ideas to make Holly feel better. (hollys both of our friends) Hes like: "u know the card i made u w.crayons on ur bday? well Shes been in a bad mood n her backs hurting more so i was thinking of making a feel better card. that we should make together"....ok so Holly did get in car accident n i feel really really bad for her...i was planning on seeing her n such...but i haven't had the greatest couple wks either...w.rain passing away and my dad getting in a car accident n such..Jon hasn't tryed to do anything to cheer ME up....maybe I am just being jealous?? Idk. But im his suppoised gf....ys he treating holly better than me? come on. WTF.
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