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What to do.

I have just lost two of my jobs in the past month and now I've been feeling like crap more and more theses days...I don't know exactly whats wrong..but tonight I've been sitting and thinking to myself since I have nothing to do and now I'm ranting on Livejournal. Woo. I feel as if I had gotten those two jobs before to keep myself occupied so I had something to do. Now since I don't have anything I HAVE to do....I sit around and do nothing. Well, ocasional hmwrk and shit but nothing I'd like to in chill w.ppl and or go out and do something. It seems now that I'm not busy...everyone else I know isactually busy for once...and/or just doesn't wanna talk to me anymore.
Damn. I sound depressing right? hahah.
I needa find something to do....
-Goes out on a search-
Til nxt time,
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