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Tonight, was actually a pretty good night for once.....and it was alittle odd how it became good. Cause like I worked all day being the slave I am to the Just Fresh Cafe. hahaXD but I went out after work and drove this bum chad over to my friend dianes lol....we all chilled smoked alil and since i was tired I kinda left early to go home and passout...well I didn't really pass out seeing as I'm writing this entry at ...uh well 1:40am :D
Basically while I was at dianes this dude Stacy started txtn's a real long story btwn what happen but to make it shortish. We both had alil thing awhile back and were gonna start dating...well kinda did for a wk but I just didn't feel the connection btwn us as a relationship and was hoping to find a really good friendship instead...maybe even a best friend.....well he was hurt like every guy always is when u tell them that you don't wanna be anything other than friends....we stopped talking for a bit b.c he saw I had a bf.....then i randomly saw him on my side of town one day..chilln w.his ex...and I do still care for the dude so I ended up txtn him saying I don't wanna hatetred btwn us i still see u as a really really good guy/friend...n becareful w.ur ex don't let her use u..b.c thats what she's been we've been txtn and calling each other kinda alot recently and im happy because we seem to be having the friendship i was hoping for...and we just got off the phone and we were talking for a couple hours...talkin bout my guy probs n he's found this gurl that makes him really happy now and I'm all for it he deserves the best for everything he's been through.  Idk i just really enjoyed talking to him's weird. hahah but good.
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